Frequently Asked Questions

What format are your ebooks in?

We deliver you DRM-free ebooks in both .epub and .mobi formats, so you can read them on whatever device you'd like: Kindle, iPad, Nook, you name it.

What if I don't like a book?

We want you to be happy! We have a 7-day no questions asked return policy.

How do I load an ebook onto my reader?

We have simple instructions how to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions for Authors

Are you a publisher or a book conversion service?

We're both. If we really like a book and we can agree on terms, we love to publish great books. We also help authors with scanning/OCRing/etc.

Do you only scan print books? What if I have a manuscript in Word .DOC format?

We do whatever you need. We can create ebooks from print copies we scan/OCR/correct, or we can go from your manuscript file. We can do the whole thing from end to end, or just the parts you don't want to do yourself.

What options do I have for covers?

Lots! We know people do judge a book by its cover, and we know covers are one of the hard parts of e-publishing that require an artistic eye, so we offer several options. We can create you a custom cover where one of our artists works with you to create what you want, or we can read your book ourselves and have one of our artists create one. For lower priced options we can create a simple cover; scan an existing cover (if you have the rights to use it); or you can do the cover yourself and we'll use it, which of course is free.

Should I collect my shorter works, like short stories, into a collection or sell them individually?

Both! In our experience ebook readers do not tend to differentiate among length of works, calling them all "ebooks" and assuming shorter works will be priced less than longer ones.