The Unborn

Not released yet—coming soon! (Nov. 1)

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by Brian Herbert

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The Unborn


Release date — Nov. 1

A futuristic mystery from the New York Times Bestselling author of over a dozen books in the DUNE series.

In the summer of 2097, Riggio wakes up with amnesia--and his lover dead in their bed. A knife sticks out of the center of her chest, and her blood stains the sheets of the hotel bed. He doesn't know who did it or why; he has only some vague memories of the attack. He recalls her blood curdling screams, her final gasps, and the terror in her eyes. She had recognized the murderer, no doubt, the man in shadows who had stood over their bed. Riggio tries to place the man and the time of the murder, but the events in his memory are sketches at best. Driving an escape car he doesn't remember acquiring and running from a past he fears, Riggio only knows one thing for sure: Someone is chasing him, and they are getting closer.


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